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Clegg Street Team


Priest of Blood trailer Sep. 22nd, 2005 @ 10:40 am
Hi folks, it's been VERY quiet here ever since Afterlife came out but I just wanted to check in to see if everyone saw the Priest of Blood book trailer that Doug put up on his site. The video is really cool with CGI transformations, a nice shot of a castle and real actors..a lot of work obviously went into it. You can see it at www.Vampyricon.com. Check it out!

Take care ~ Jonathan

Sep. 14th, 2004 @ 10:04 am
So, we have a community out there called horrornovelclub, and the intent is to vote on a user-submitted novel each month, read it, and discuss it within the community. I'm looking to get more people involved in this community, so I'd like to invite all of you, and ask those of you that join to invite as many people as you can. My goal is to submit Afterlife as the December novel. With your help (and your vote) we can get everyone in the community to read it.


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Afterlife-Attraction 10-pack advance order at Shocklines. Aug. 29th, 2004 @ 07:36 pm
There's a special that Matt at Shocklines.com is running for the advance order on my novel Afterlife right now. Also, if you order now (or soon) the shipping is free for media rate, or five buckeroos for priority.

To find the exact information go to:


Afterlife by Douglas Clegg - ten pack offer at Shocklines.com

Afterlife by Douglas Clegg <br>10-Pack Gift Set + Bonus Hardcover <br>(Signed or Personally Inscribed) <br><b>Advance Order</b>

Please note: This is an advance order! This item is not expected to ship until December 2004. Your credit card will not be charged until the product is ready for shipment.

Publisher: NAL/Signet

Format: 10 Mass Market Paperback copies of "Afterlife" and one hardcover of "The Attraction"

This is a special promotion for a limited time:

What makes a great gift? How about an autographed or personally inscribed book -- and when else do you buy gifts for others and get a goodie for yourself? Anyone who buys a 10-pack of Douglas Clegg's forthcoming paperback novel "Afterlife" will get a FREE copy of the sold-out hardcover autographed Delirium Books limited edition of Douglas Clegg's "The Attraction" (a $40 value even before it sold out). PLEASE NOTE -- You will not receive "The Attraction" until the copies of "Afterlife" ship in December.

Afterlife will be issued unsigned but copies ordered through Shocklines.com will be autographed by the author Douglas Clegg.

Additionally, you can get your books personally inscribed to you or anyone else at no extra charge, if you desire. If you would like your copy personally inscribed, in the "Comments" section of the checkout process put the name of whom you'd like the book inscribed to. For example, write "Afterlife-- inscribe copies to Jane, Bobby, Mary, and just sign the rest". Those not putting any notes will receive the standard autographed copies, not personalized.

Description of "Afterlife":

A"Clegg's stories can chill the spine so effectively that the reader should keep paramedics on standby." -- Dean Koontz

"The best horror writers of the post-Stephen King generation." -- Bentley Little

"The new star in horror fiction." -- Peter Straub

In years past, there was a special school for children with psychic ability. Called the Daylight Project, it was shut down after a horrific murder.

Today, grieving widow Julie Hutchinson gets the news that someone is out there...her husband's murderer...someone who very much wants to find her.

In a Manhattan brownstone, a psychic dreams of blood and lost souls...and an innocent young girl has become host for the uninvited voices of the dead.

Their paths are about to intersect.

His name is Michael Diamond.

He harbors unspeakable secrets.

And he's prepared to do anything in this life -- or the afterlife -- to keep them buried forever.

ARCs are future prizes. Aug. 26th, 2004 @ 05:21 pm
We have three AFTERLIFE ARCs as upcoming prizes for Street Team members who are actively promoting AFTERLIFE around the internet. Here's a rather fuzzy picture of them:

We'll also have gift certificates to the online bookseller, Shocklines.com, as well as special coupons just for street team members (to Shocklines.com), t-shirts, totebags, mugs, and more.

Stick around -- and be sure and sign up for the discussion list where Team Captain Jonathan Reitan will be organizing and cheerleading you onward. Send email to:


Afterlife; Shocklines; Other Writers Aug. 24th, 2004 @ 12:55 pm
Just wanted to post here that any members here can post. The Clegg Team community is here so that more brainstorms can get going to spread the word on Afterlife, and point folks, when possible, to getting this link out there:

Autographed, inscribed copies of Afterlife at Shocklines.com.

Or pointing people to http://www.douglasclegg.com/afterlife.htm

We'll be creating a special ebook with an excerpt of AFTERLIFE for you all to read and pass along to others, and, well, more.

Another thing to do is to make sure these keywords are in your interests: "afterlife, paranormal, horror, fiction, books, telepathy, ghosts, haunting" -- and of course, add any others you want to. But these will help connect you with communities and individuals with liveJournals that already have an interest in the subject matter of my novel, Afterlife.

I encourage you to participate in those communities, and definitely to not push the book on them -- but just mention it when you feel it's the right time.

AFTERLIFE is a novel that opens with three horrific events. The first takes places in some kind of school for psychic children in Manhattan -- part of remote viewing - parapsychological studies. While other children watch, a boy, trapped in a glass cage of some kind, is surrounded by fire.

The next scene, set thirty years or so later -- in the present day -- reveals a young woman who has been buried alive as she fights for life.

And then, the next scene, out on a plateau well beyond Manhattan, in the northern New Jersey area that has forests and lakes and mountains, a ritual murder is taking place.

These scenes move into the relative quiet of Julie Hutchinson's life -- she has taken her daughter out to the northwestern hills in New Jersey to fossil-hunt. But her daughter feels something -- and hears something on what Julie's husband had jokingly called their daughter's "brain radio."

Her daughter hears her father, who is supposedly in the city working.

And it goes from there.

AFTERLIFE is both a novel and a metaphysical question to some extent. In it, I wanted to explore the idea of life after death, of an afterlife, of whether or not there can possibly be psychic phenomena, remote viewing, astral projection. I wrapped this up into the journey that Julie Hutchinson goes on as she seeks to find answer to questions -- and her journey into the realm of belief.

And yet, the story is not what it seems, but to tell you more would spoil it. It's also the most erotic novel I've written, and has one of the darkest endings of any of my novels.

I'll post excerpts here for you to also re-post where you'd like. Thanks again for being here. I know there are several writers here who probably want to learn ways of promoting their own fiction. I'm glad you're here -- join in, and I think you'll get a lot out of this (and help Afterlife, too!)

I would like to ask other published novelists here to email me because I have a special idea just for you all that could work for anyone who has a book or collection that's available for sale online. It would take trust and good will between all of us to implement it -- but I think writers need to create those things with each other and the reader each time we write a story.

Email me at my AOL address: dougclegg@aol.com


the Project Afterlife discussion group (yahoogroups.) Aug. 22nd, 2004 @ 02:19 am
Hey all - in conjunction with this community, I'm also launching a discussion group. This all won't get going until the middle of September (for the most part), but I'd like to ask that you join up now.

Jonathan Reitan is going to be the Team Captain for this, and Brian Knight a Master Brainstormer -- as well as you all, who, so far, seem to be terrific brainstormers in your own rights.

To join the discussion group, send an email to:


Visit it at:


This community will primarily be here for spreading the word (and excerpts and images and links) via LJ and other blogs. The discussion group will be for the back and forth with people not familiar with the world of online journals, as well as for fast updates and discussion when needed.

The discussion will be moderated so as to eliminate spam and to keep the brainstorms and inspirations coming -- and with luck, cut out some clutter.

Creative clutter, however, is welcome.

Okay, thanks again for being here. This should be moving forward fairly quickly once September rolls around.


Some Ideas Aug. 2nd, 2004 @ 07:33 pm
I checked out http://www.douglasclegg.com/ and noticed that there weren't any extras that some sites have, such as wallpaper and icons for journals and instant messaging.  I think it would be a fun and beneficial idea to have these type pictures available to people who like to download things from their favorite sites, such as http://www.douglasclegg.com/.  I think another good way to promote the new book would be for members of this community to have an icon to promote the book, while they comment to friends.

Here are two promotional icons I made, plus a fun one that I made for my cat's journal.

animated iconsCollapse )
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Afterlife cover image Jul. 29th, 2004 @ 12:52 am
Here's the cover of Afterlife. If you participate on message boards where it's relevant to post book covers, or if you have your own website and would like to display the cover, please do so. I'll put cover images of various sizes here in a bit. Also, I'll add an excerpt, as well, probably tomorrow. Thank you.

First post Jul. 29th, 2004 @ 12:44 am
Yep, you're in the right place. This will be the street team blog. I want you all to join as members or post your comments each time something comes up here.

Thanks for being here, and I hope we can come up with some brainstorms for building some advance word for my upcoming novel Afterlife here. Some of you are writers, so I hope this helps you figure out how to approach the idea of grassroots marketing yourself.

Others of you are friends and fans. I appreciate your participation here. There'll be prizes and book giveaways in the near-future as the campaign to Afterlife begins.

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