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the Project Afterlife discussion group (yahoogroups.) - Clegg Street Team

About the Project Afterlife discussion group (yahoogroups.)

Previous Entry the Project Afterlife discussion group (yahoogroups.) Aug. 22nd, 2004 @ 02:19 am Next Entry
Hey all - in conjunction with this community, I'm also launching a discussion group. This all won't get going until the middle of September (for the most part), but I'd like to ask that you join up now.

Jonathan Reitan is going to be the Team Captain for this, and Brian Knight a Master Brainstormer -- as well as you all, who, so far, seem to be terrific brainstormers in your own rights.

To join the discussion group, send an email to:


Visit it at:


This community will primarily be here for spreading the word (and excerpts and images and links) via LJ and other blogs. The discussion group will be for the back and forth with people not familiar with the world of online journals, as well as for fast updates and discussion when needed.

The discussion will be moderated so as to eliminate spam and to keep the brainstorms and inspirations coming -- and with luck, cut out some clutter.

Creative clutter, however, is welcome.

Okay, thanks again for being here. This should be moving forward fairly quickly once September rolls around.

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